Moving to the Netherlands blog

At PartnerPete we like to help recently arrived and settled expats get connected to all needed utilities such as internet, energy, and insurance. Aside from helping our customers get connected, we like to inform them about living in the Netherlands. In our blog section, you can find useful information regarding connecting utilities in Holland and about moving to the Netherlands.

7 tips for moving abroad

Moving Abroad: 7 tips that can make your move easier

PartnerPete gives you 7 tips that can make your move to the Netherlands less stressful. 

Expat Insurances

Top 5 Insurances that Expats needs

Good insurances are important. But which ones do expats need when moving to the Netherlands? Read more about the essential insurances you'll need!

What you need to know about Dutch Internet

Dutch Internet Providers: what you need to know!

Moving to the Netherlands or changing address? PartnerPete tells you everything you need to know about Dutch Internet Providers. 

energy provider packages in the Netherlands

What is included in my Energy Provider Package?

Want to know what is included in an energy provider package? We'll tell you how to get connected to electricity, gas and water when moving to the Netherlands.

What do Dutch people watch

What do Dutch People watch?

Cable TV is fairly cheap in the Netherlands and offers a wide variation of channels. What do Dutch people watch and which channels are being broadcasted? PartnerPete will tell you!

Relocating to The Netherlands

What you really need to know before relocating to the Netherlands

Relocating to the Netherlands? PartnerPete tells you what you really need to know to make your experience as pleasant possible. Learn more!

Wind energy in the netherlands

Wind Energy, How, What and Why you should use it

Wind energy is known as the most efficient and environment-friendly technology to produce energy. But what is it and why should you use it?

What kind of internet user are you?

What kind of Internet User are you?

Don't know what internet package you need? We help you decide what kind of internet user you are so that you can make the right choice. 

Mandatory insurance in the Netherlands

Is Insurance in the Netherlands Mandatory?

Moving to the Netherlands involves a lot of hassle such as finding the right insurances. But is insurance mandatory in the Netherlands? We'll help you find out!