Choosing the right Internet Provider in the Netherlands can be a challenge. There are a dozen Internet Service Providers who offer a wide variety of internet packages with different prices and speeds. Especially when you are an expat, finding the perfect fit is hard since most information is in Dutch. But not with the help of PartnerPete! In this article, we tell you how to find the best internet provider in the Netherlands. 

What do I Need?

The first step is to determine what you are going to do with your internet connection. In our previous article, we told you how to determine which type of internet user you are. Internet connections can be established via different techniques such as fiber, cable, and ADSL. The technique determines the maximum speed you can get, but not every technique is available in every region. Knowing where you are going to live is therefore mandatory for picking the right provider. If you are not sure yet where you are going to live, you can determine what you are going to need, but it might be that the requested package is not available at your new address. 

Combination Packages

Do you also need a television connection? Or maybe even a home phone or mobile subscription? Almost all internet providers in the Netherlands offer combination deals. These all-in-one packages are considerably cheaper than buying all services separately. You will receive one clear invoice, and you can contact one company for all your questions or issues. 

You might think that as an expat you don’t need a television connection since all channels are Dutch. Luckily some providers, such as Ziggo, offer a wide variety of international tv channels and services such as Netflix, HBO, and International Sports channels. There is no need to miss your favorite TV shows from back home! 

Safety First

The internet is a wonderful playground: finding information, shopping, social networks and entertainment it all there. But unfortunately, this medium also has some downsides. Ransomware, DDoS attacks, viruses, scam, and spyware, are only a few of the risks. It might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about choosing an internet provider, but it’s important to check which safety measures are taken by your new provider. Some internet packages, like the ones from Ziggo and KPN, include free internet security software that protects you and your family when surfing the world wide web. 

Need Help making the Right Choice?

PartnerPete arranges all connections in your (new) home free of charge. We partnered up with the best Internet Providers to make sure you always get the best deal tailored to your specific needs. For instance, we have an exclusive partnership with Ziggo, who has been named best Internet Provider in the Netherlands eight times in a row. To make sure you always get the best deal we have various limited special offers tailored to expats specific needs.

Do you want more information about choosing the right internet provider or about connecting home utilities? Give us a call on +31 20 7372124 or leave your details and we will call you back as soon as possible.