One of the things expats miss from their home country is undeniably local television. Especially around Christmas time expats seem to miss TV from back home. Of course, you can go ahead and switch on your laptop every time you want to watch your favorite TV shows online, but this does not always run as smoothly as expected. Browsing online from outside your country can have some websites block access to their online content. Therefore you’re looking for tv channels making sure you can actually watch your favorite programs via TV. Needless to say that it’s also a lot more comfortable in front of the television than in front of a computer screen.

In the Netherlands, there are luckily quite some English language channels available such as BBC1, BBC2, BBC World, CNBC, CNN, Discovery Channel, and National Geographic. That way English speaking expats do enjoy some options to watch television in English. But there’s more, thanks to modern technology you’re also able to receive a lot of TV channels from your home country. We’ll tell you everything about it.

Satellite TV

If you don’t want to be stuck with Dutch TV; go satellite TV! Satellite TV is facilitated by satellite dishes pointed towards one or more broadcast satellites operating in geostationary orbit. The advantage of this is that you’re able to receive a large number of international tv stations. PartnerPete advises on what packages are available and for what price. If you are moving to the Netherlands or if you’re planning to move here, then check with us beforehand to see which tv packages are received on your new location.

Advantages of Satellite reception:

  • Lower costs than TV via digital cable;
  • A large variety of programme channels, significantly larger than tv via cable. Satellite tv is especially useful if you want to receive international tv channels. Dutch cable companies obviously focus on the Dutch target group, but with satellite, you’re not restricted to this limited offer.
  • Satellite TV also provides the highest quality of both video and audio. As a matter of fact, the High-Definition signals are quickly becoming the new standard.
  • Easy navigation between tv channels on the set-top box is all yours.


If you’ve tried to watch your local channels online while being abroad, you’ve probably bumped into an IP ban preventing you from watching your favorite tv show. With VPN you’re able to overcome this ban and pretend you’re in your home country. This way you are entirely able to watch local television even though you’re a long way from home. Although this is an online solution and not necessarily a tv package, it does allow you to receive your local tv programmes.

Ziggo TV: the most chosen solution

If setting up satellite tv is too much of a nuisance or VPN is not the long-term solution you prefer, you can also pick the package the most Dutch people choose: Ziggo TV. The advantage of Ziggo TV is not only that it is the most widely adopted solution, but also that Ziggo offers the most comprehensive and personalized TV services out there. In partnership with Ziggo, Partner Pete offers quick set up and great value for money. Whether you are looking for Digital TV, sports, or your favorite shows from back home, Ziggo has a TV offer which suits you. Their offer includes international sports, UK TV, India TV, HBO and much more.

Learn more about watching television in the Netherlands or let us call you back for a tailor-made offer.