When relocating to the Netherlands one of the first things you’ll want to do is connect water, electricity, and gas. Getting connected might seem pretty basic, but often turns out to be quite a headache due to the many options. There are a large number of providers, packages and discount deals that most likely confuse you even more.

Luckily, when renting a property in the Netherlands the utilities (waterelectricity and gas) will normally already be connected. The only thing you’ll probably need to do is transfer the contract to your name. If you’re paying an all-inclusive rent, please check your contract to see what’s covered your energy provider package. If you’re paying an all-inclusive rent, you won’t be able to change the provider. Do note that gas and electricity are generally supplied by the same provider. Water is supplied separately.

What is Included?

The energy market in the Netherlands is liberalized, so you are free to choose or switch supplier in order to get the best rates. Most of the energy companies in the Netherlands offer so-called green solutions with energy generated from alternative sources like the sun, wind, water, and biomass. The Dutch Authority for Consumers and Markets monitors that these providers meet the required conditions and charge the right fees. In terms of your energy package you’ll be dealing with two parties: (1) the netbeheerder managing and operating the distribution network and meters, and (2) the gas and electricity provider. The so-called netbeheerders are responsible for their own region and cannot be changed by consumers.

  • Gas and electricity invoices: for the gas and electricity, there are two separate fees that need to be paid: the sum of your energy provider and the fee for the usage of the network. Normally those costs are both mentioned on the invoice sent by your energy provider, but it can occur that you receive two different invoices (one from your energy provider and one from the netbeheerder).
  • Water invoices: water suppliers in the Netherlands generally provide different payment options; you can either pay per month or per quarter. For both energy and water, it is necessary to send a proof of the meter readings once a year, for which you will get a notice by either post or email.

The Importance of Green Energy

As we all share the same planet, we all have the chance to shape the future of energy. That’s why more and more people in the Netherlands switch to green energy. Although we’re still lacking behind in comparison with the rest of Europe, green energy is becoming an important topic for the Dutch. In the end, going for energy from a renewable source is an easy but effective way to make a difference. Solar panels, for instance, will be subsidised until 2021. PartnerPete would be more than happy to tell you more about green energy. Give us a call on +31 20 7372124 or mail us on support@partnerpete.com.

Huismerk Energie: Energy of the Future

We are therefore proud to point out the excellent service of Huismerk Energie, a small-scale and independent energy supplier. Huismerk Energie stands for both a green and personal approach. This means that the company focuses on locally produced renewable energy, directly delivered by independent energy producers in the Netherlands. Thanks to this green approach and direct contact with both local producers and customers it is easy to see why Huismerk Energie is an outstanding solution for your energy package. Huismerk Energie delivers the energy of the future. 

Do you want to switch energy provider or do you need energy in your new home in the Netherlands? PartnerPete helps you to get the best utility deals with extra benefits tailored to expats specific needs. Leave your details and we will call you back as soon as possible to discuss the possibilities.