What kind of Internet User are you?

Mother is in a Teams meeting, father is watching a soccer match, and the children are gaming and watching YouTube videos. Have you ever had to wait hours for a download or experienced buffering while streaming? This is a common problem for many households, but fortunately, there is a perfect solution: fiber optic internet. Below are the main advantages of fiber optic internet:


  1. Always a very stable fiber optic connection
    A fiber optic connection runs directly to your front door without interruptions in the neighborhood. This ensures that you have an extremely reliable connection, with smooth video calling and YouTube video watching without buffering.
  2. Extremely high fiber optic speed possible
    With fiber optic, you can achieve the highest possible internet speed. You can easily download a movie while watching a Netflix series in top quality on your television, while someone else in the house streams music while gaming online.
  3. Fiber optic upload and download speed
    Another great advantage of fiber optic is that your download and upload speeds are equally high. This allows you to quickly transfer files to your computer and also upload files online, such as uploading a photo to Facebook and placing files on Dropbox.
  4. Constant high quality with fiber optic
    Thanks to the quality of fiber optic, you can watch TV in the best quality, with sharper images, higher clarity, and smoother playback. This allows you to enjoy endless TV watching via the internet on multiple devices at the same time.
  5. Fiber optic subscriptions
    At KPN, you have a wide choice of fiber optic subscriptions, where you simply choose the internet subscription that suits your needs and budget. You also choose the extras that suit your internet usage, such as watching live soccer, streaming unlimited music, or watching TV via the internet.
  6. Disadvantage of fiber optic
    However, there is one disadvantage to fiber optic internet: Fiber optic is not yet available everywhere. Not all households currently have access to fiber optic, as it is a new network that literally needs to be installed per house. This may take some time, but fiber optic is now available to millions of people in the Netherlands, and the number of connections is growing rapidly.

In short, fiber internet offers many benefits, including a very stable connection, extremely high speeds, and constant high quality of the connection. The only downside is that it is not yet available for everyone.