Finding a new place and moving out can be a stressful time, especially when you are moving to another country. Finding all the new utilities you need so you can live in your new place, can give you quite a headache. PartnerPete gives you 3 reasons why a utility connection service, may come in handy when moving to the Netherlands.

What is a utility connection service? 

utility connection service is a (free) one-stop solution to set up all your home services. Instead of sorting out all your utilities yourself, a utility connection service will make sure your house is connected to all essential utilities, such as energy and internet, on or even before your planned moving date.

1. Save time

When you use a utility connection service, you avoid having to call multiple service providers. This will save you a lot of time otherwise wasted on making phone calls, sitting on hold, and repeating the same information over and over again. The average wait time to speak to a customer service representative alone can range from 5 minutes to one hour. Spend this otherwise wasted time on important stuff, such as packing and preparing for this incredible journey. 

2. Get independent advice

Utility connection companies work with a range of providers to offer choice and flexibility when connecting utilities. Having choices available is essential to ensure you are not restricted to suppliers that may not meet your needs. Also, individual providers might offer far fewer options and focus on the home market, which results in irrelevant offers for your specific wishes as an expat. When you use an expat utility connection service such as PartnerPete you are assured of services tailored to your needs. Think flexible contracts, and English customer service for instance.  

3. Hassle-free move

The use of a utility connection service is convenient and straightforward. They are specialized in organizing all home utilities at once, which means less stress for you. Thanks to their unique partnerships with suppliers, they can arrange your utilities quicker (and last minute), than when you would take care of business yourself. Because you can connect everything in only one call, you don’t have to worry if you have forgotten some services and if your home is connected in time.

Move with the help of PartnerPete

PartnerPete will take a headache out of moving home. We connect all your utilities in just one phone call and are devoted to saving you effort, money and time. Our exceptional customer service and a wide variety of utility suppliers make us the best match for connecting utilities in the Netherlands. The best part? Our service is entirely free of charge, no hidden costs.  

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