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Most of these partners offer their service free of cost when you are ContractCoach Member. 

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Cancel your contracts within 2 minutes. Cancel your subscriptions with one or more suppliers in one go.

Find a company with the search engine, enter your information, choose how you want to send the letter and your cancellation will be sent within 24 hours.


Search for a handyman for your project. Via our 24/7 platform Problem@Home you will instantly find professional help near you.

PechInHuis has access to more than 4,000 professionals in the Netherlands.

Fire Safety

Fire prevention is one of the most important things to arrange for your house or apartment.
With the Fire Safety Kit Pro, lives will be saved and when it comes to fire prevention you will have the most important articles at home.

PLEASE NOTE: Smoke detector mandatory from July 1, 2022

Bouvy Insurances

Adjust your (home) insurance policies to your new situation. Get free and independent advice and benefit from the lowest premiums.

Prefer to compare and arrange it yourself? That is possible too. Easy, fast and you are immediately insured!


Forward your mail to your new Dutch address easily.

PostNL will pass on your move to the companies and organizations of your choice for free. And from €5.90 PostNL also forwards your mail to your new address.


Moving in 3 simple steps. With ScanMovers you can easily compare quotes of moving companies. After finishing your comparing you can book your best possible move.


Replace your locks sustainably, cheaply and easily!

Do you want to replace your locks? It’s a shame to buy new ones and throw away your old ones. With KeyCycle you take care of the environment and your wallet.

Bunq Bank

If you want to open a Dutch bank account, just click on the button below and follow the easy steps.

All can be arranged digital and the complete process will only take 5 minutes of your time.


Smart solutions for all your digital challenges.

Get help installing digital (smart) devices in your new home. Work and live smarter.

You can easily and quickly compare and arrange your Sim Only subscription at

They provide a clear overview of all the offers, so that you can make the right choice yourself.

We can help you arrange utility services. Would you like to schedule a consultation?

Do you want PartnerPete to call you back for advice? Schedule your call!