Are you aware of the impact that your energy consumption has on the environment? Regardless of where you’re from, there is one thing we all have in common: we share the same environment. At the same time, we also share the opportunity to play a crucial role in defining the future of energy. One of the ways to make a difference is by choosing your energy from renewable sources.

Wind energy is known as the most efficient technology to produce energy. This happens in a safe and environmentally sustainable manner: meaning zero emissions, local production, and inexhaustible sources. Wind energy is the solution, for both your house and our planet.  

How does wind energy work?

Just imagine the following: when the wind blows through a turbine, the sharp blades take the dynamic energy away and start to rotate, rapidly converting it into mechanical energy. This rotation process then turns an internal shaft which is attached to a gearbox, therefore increasing the rotation speed by an impressive factor of 100. That again spins a generator producing electricity that can be used at home. Wind measurements are collected at the same time to automatically rotate the turbine to face the fiercest wind and angle its blades to optimize the captured energy. 

Why go for wind energy?

Although the underlying process may sound pretty impressive on its own, there are multiple valid reasons to choose wind energy: environmental, financial and social.

Energy has a huge impact on our physical environment. A lot of electricity in the world, unfortunately, is still generated by old-fashioned practices like burning coal. This coal is supplied by mountaintop removal and shaft mining, strip mining, and pit mining. Those ways of extracting the coal, along with the burning process, have a destructive effect on nature and people like the ground, water, air, and the health of workers and nearby residents. The dangers are not only limited to the extraction methods of burning coal. Electricity extracted via natural gas and nuclear energy lead to environmental damage as well.

Wind energy, however, is a natural source of energy. Wind energy does not contaminate, is known to be inexhaustible and also lowers the use of fossil fuels, which are the source of gases that lead to global warming. Furthermore, wind energy is a so-called native energy, because it is available everywhere on earth.

The advantages of wind energy

Wind energy comes with a large number of advantages, which gives valid reasons why it’s known as one of the fastest-growing energy sources on earth. At the same time, there are many opportunities for research efforts addressing the future challenges of wind energy. The benefits of wind energy are easy to see:  

  • Cost-effective: land-based utility-scale wind is one of the cheapest energy sources available. Because the electricity generated by wind turbines is sold at a fixed price over a longer period of time and its fuel is free, wind energy reduces the price fluctuations that the costs of fuel, on the other hand, add to traditional energy sources.
  • The wind creates jobs: the wind sector employs millions of workers worldwide. The job of wind turbine technician is one of the fastest-growing positions of the last ten years.
  • Inexhaustible: the wind supply is generous and inexhaustible. For as long as the sun keeps on shining and the wind keeps on blowing, the energy generated by the wind will keep our houses up and running.

PartnerPete is Green

PartnerPete advocates for green energy in the Netherlands and we are therefore glad to help you install yourself whilst enjoying the benefits of wind energy. Our green solutions provide an easy way to support environmentally friendly initiatives. We’re trying everything to take care of our planet. PartnerPete is as green as it can get. Want to know how we can help you to do the same? Give us a call on +31 20 7372124 or contact us via our contact form.