When your workweek ends the weekend often begins. In the Netherlands often there is a VrijMiBo at the end of the workweek that separates the workweek from the weekend.

1. Meaning of the word VrijMiBo

Vrijmibo means ‘vrijdag middag borrel’ which translates to ‘Friday afternoon alcoholic drinks’. It’s actually a combination of the three words that make it sound nice and easy to pronounce. The Dutch often refer to the word ‘gezellig’ as the most typical and untranslatable Dutch word. But the word ‘borrel’ most certainly also belongs in that list. All Dutch people know what the word ‘borrel’ means. The word ‘borrel’ literally means small alcoholic drink, but the Dutch see this as have a couple of beers or wines. The word ‘borrel’ is also used for gettogether with friends.

2. Be careful with alcohol at the VrijMiBo

According to health institute Trimbos, it’s not known how much alcohol Dutch people drink at work. There is an estimate, however, that alcohol abuse by employees, costs society about two billion euros in lost productivity. Health and absenteeism are good reasons to not drink alcohol. But organisations with a serious diversity policy also understand that alcohol-soaked work drinks are not equally enjoyable for everyone. Some people are already opposed to the word ‘borrel’. But it’s so deep-rooted in the Dutch culture that it’s unrealistic to ban alcohol from the VrijMiBo in the short term.

3. What to do when your boss joins the ‘borrel’

When your boss joins the VrijMiBo don’t shy away from talking to him or her. Now is the time to bond with your boss This can enhance your relationship with your boss. Try to find common interests of you and your boss. The key is to ask open questions and keep it friendly. 

4. VrijMiBo to get to know your co-workers

You spend a lot of time with your colleagues, sometimes more than your own friends. But often we know very little about our colleagues. The VrijMiBo is the perfect moment to get to know your colleagues. This is why a lot of employers host the VrijMiBo, because they want their staff to be able to bond. Some even think the VrijMiBo has a better effect on the team bonding then company trips. To convince your employer to fund this VrijMiBo, you can tell him/her that it’s cheaper than hosting a company bonding trip.

5. What NOT to do at the VrijMiBo

Last but certainly not least, we’ve summed up some don’ts for the VrijMiBo. Whether you do or don’t like to hang out with your colleagues after work, beware to never do the following at a VrijMiBo:

  • Don’t gossip about your colleagues or your boss; 
  • Don’t try to hit on anyone from work; 
  • Don’t make a grumpy face; 
  • Don’t check your phone constantly; 
  • Don’t drink too much; 
  • Don’t dress differently than you normally do at work; 
  • Don’t forget to eat those deep-fried Dutch snacks; 
  • Don’t forget to thank the one who organised the ‘borrel’.

Now you know more about the VrijMiBo The Evening To End Your Workweek. PartnerPete makes sure you can enjoy the VrijMiBo to the most, by taking away the worry of arranging your utilities! Want to know how we can help you with your utilities? Give us a call on +31 20 7372124 or leave your details and we’ll call you back as soon as possible.