Moving to the Netherlands blog

At PartnerPete we like to help recently arrived and settled expats get connected to all needed utilities such as internet, energy, and insurance. Aside from helping our customers get connected, we like to inform them about living in the Netherlands. In our blog section, you can find useful information regarding connecting utilities in Holland and about moving to the Netherlands.


What to expect after accepting your tailor made offer

PartnerPete informs you about the processes of the different utilities, after accepting your tailor made offer.


All monthly charges in one simple overview

All monthly charges in one simple overview
Win one year free of energy cost with a value of €1.500


New sustainable energy supplier at PartnerPete; GreenNL

Meet our new (sustainable) energy supplier; GreenNL. A really modern energy and gas supplier in the Netherlands. Read more about GreenNL and how PartnerPete could help you.

PartnerPete has CIRE quality mark

Consumers better protected thanks to the CIRE quality mark

PartnerPete is proud to announce that the quality of our services has been recognized with the CIRE quality mark. Read more about this new quality mark.

Netherlands country 2020

Why the Netherlands is a must-see country in 2020

The Netherlands is the country to see in 2020 according to the Lonely Planet. In this blog PartnerPete tells you why you should visit the Netherlands. Read to learn more

Highest wage rise in the Netherlands of the past decade

Highest wage rise in the Netherlands of the past decade

The past period the Dutch unions have been fighting for higher collective wage agreements in every industry. The highest wage rise in the Netherlands of the past decade is now a fact. Read more in what this means for you as an expat in the Netherlands.


How to deal with the Dutch

We will help you understand the Dutch in a better way, and we’ll give you the proper tools to blend. Become the expat they always wanted to have!


Tax advantages for expats in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has a special tax regime for expats working in the Netherlands. A special tax regulation has been put into place. This 30% regulation compensates you for a part of the costs you have to make to go and work in the Netherlands.

essent and partnerpete

Essent: a new energy supplier at PartnerPete

Check it out! We now have a new energy supplier; Essent. One of the largest energy and gas suppliers of the Netherlands. Read more about Essent and how we can help you.