Moving to the Netherlands blog

At PartnerPete we like to help recently arrived and settled expats get connected to all needed utilities such as internet, energy, and insurance. Aside from helping our customers get connected, we like to inform them about living in the Netherlands. In our blog section, you can find useful information regarding connecting utilities in Holland and about moving to the Netherlands.


Tax advantages for expats in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has a special tax regime for expats working in the Netherlands. A special tax regulation has been put into place. This 30% regulation compensates you for a part of the costs you have to make to go and work in the Netherlands.

essent and partnerpete

Essent: a new energy supplier at PartnerPete

Check it out! We now have a new energy supplier; Essent. One of the largest energy and gas suppliers of the Netherlands. Read more about Essent and how we can help you. 

VrijMiBo The Evening To End Your Workweek

VrijMiBo The Evening To End Your Workweek

Work does not end at Friday 5 o’clock. VrijMiBo is the thing to properly end your workweek with your co-worker. The goal isn’t only to be social, but it can also help your career in the best but also the worst way. So check our blog about the VrijMiBo to learn more

Financial Planning Netherlands

7 Tips for Financial Planning as an Expat in the Netherlands

Financial planning in the Netherlands is quite different than you may be used to back home. Did you know? Take a look at our 7 tips for you to do this properly!

weird dutch habits

7 Weird Dutch Habits

Weird habits? Leave that to the Dutch. Check out these 7 habits you probably never heard of!

Need to knows Pride Amsterdam

4 Need to Knows About Pride Amsterdam 2019

In a few weeks, the 23rd gay pride will be held in Amsterdam, starting on the 27th of July and ending on the 4th of August. PartnerPete tells you all you need to know about this festival that celebrates diversity and acceptance.

Travelling in The Netherlands

How to travel around Holland: 4 ways to travel from A to B in The Netherlands

When living in the Netherlands getting around from A to B is not the same as you may be used to back home. Getting around can be done in many different ways.

suprising facts about renewable energy in the Netherlands

5 Surprising Facts about Green Energy in the Netherlands

Go Green! PartnerPete gives you 5 surprising facts about Green Energy in the Netherlands. Be warned; the grass is not always greener on the other side!

king's day in the netherlands

Celebrating King's Day in The Netherlands

Celebrating Kings Day in the Netherlands? PartnerPete tells you all you need to know about this Dutch national day.