Utilities in the Netherlands

Let PartnerPete take care of your utilities!

The Netherlands is a famous and loved expat destination for many reasons. A place you would love to live in. Let PartnerPete help you move to the Netherlands! Get practical tips and let us set up your utilities. Our service is free of charge!

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Get connected to utilities in the Netherlands

When you’re relocating to the Netherlands one of the first things you will probably need to assure is getting connected to multiple utilities. Think of water, electricity, gas, but also (mobile) telephone, internet and tv. Fixing all utilities in a foreign country creates tons of stress. Luckily, you will have the help of PartnerPete!

Expat service to get utilities in the Netherlands

Let PartnerPete arrange all the utilities that you need when you are moving to the Netherlands. We are experts in connecting expats to utilities like energy, internet, and insurances. We have unique partnerships with multiple Dutch utility suppliers. We make sure you are up and running in your new home as soon as possible. Another big advantage of letting us take care of your utilities is our English customer support. Learn more about the utilities in the Netherlands:


Internet & TV



Utilities and Expert on living in the Netherlands

PartnerPete is the expert when it comes to providing you with the best utilities in the Netherlands. But there is more. To make your stay in the Netherlands an instant success we also will inform you about the Dutch lifestyle. In our moving to the Netherlands blog we provide you with useful tips and information. Read about how to choose the right internet provider in the Netherlands or 7 tips that make your move to the Netherlands easier.

Partnerpete benefits

Moving with the help of PartnerPete

Like we have said before; relocating to a new country creates stress. It can be quite overwhelming. PartnerPete takes care of connecting expats to their utilities in the Netherlands on a daily basis. We dare to say that we fully understand the challenges you are facing when moving here. In this stressful period, we know what is important to arrange and how it is done. Our service therefore contains:

The best deals

All services in one place

English customer service
Flexible contracts
No hidden costs

Utility service or self-service?

Need utilities in the Netherlands, but not quite sure if you need a utility service or if you should try to take care of the utilities yourself? From our extensive experience, we can tell you that finding all utilities in a strange country can give you quite a headache. All information is in Dutch, just like the customer service. Not to mention the variety of brands and packages. Still not convinced? Read our blog 3 more reasons why you need a Utility Connection Service when moving to the Netherlands to make an informed choice.

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