Green Energy in the Netherlands

Sustainable Energy Suppliers

The time that opting for green energy came at a premium price is over. Green Energy is financially as or even more attractive than non-green. The price of energy is no longer a reason not to go green. Save money and contribute to saving the planet: switch to a green energy provider.

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Go Green!

Go green and think of the future by obtaining sustainable energy generated from renewed natural energy sources. As opposed to energy being generated by limited resources like oil, gas, or coal, renewable energy is infinite and available in biomass, solar energy, water power, and wind energy. Similarities between the characteristics of these forms of energy contain the fact that they are all renewable and harmless to the environment.

Green energy in the Netherlands

Green Energy Suppliers

Convinced about using Green Energy? Compare and choose the green energy supplier that suits you and we will get you connected as soon as possible.


  • 3-year contract
  • 3 years fixed tariff
  • 100% green energy
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Most Popular

Vattenfall Energy

  • Choice of duration of contract
  • Fixed or variable tariff
  • 100% green electricity
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Powerpeers Energy

  • Variable contract & tariff
  • Locally generated in the Netherlands

  • 100% green electricity & 100% green gas
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At PartnerPete we help over 15.000 expats annually, to get connected to all utilities they need such as Dutch Green EnergyApart from helping you get connected, we also provide you with useful background information during your stay in the Netherlands. Our goal is to get you settled as soon as possible. Our promise:

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Benefits Green Energy


With no limitations of renewable energy, different types of green energy combined into a suitable and variable mix enables to meet the high demand for electricity without relying on finite fossil fuels. 


As opposed to traditional fossil fuels that produce considerable levels of gases, green energy is made with cleaner renewable natural resources like wind, water, sunlight, and geothermal energy. All of them constantly replenished.


Renewable energy can be extracted, generated, and utilized without any severe negative environmental impact. As green energy can continuously be replenished it is without a doubt the most efficient.