Compare Energy Suppliers in the Netherlands

Dutch Energy Suppliers compared

Picking the right Energy Provider for your specific needs can be an exhausting experience, especially when you move to a different country. PartnerPete can help you compare Dutch energy suppliers and assists you in picking your perfect match. The best part: we can get you connected to your choice for free with our English Customer Support. No hidden costs and the best deals!

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Comparing and picking a Dutch Energy supplier?

What matters to you most? There are a few things you can base your choice on. Price is for most people the most important factor for picking a supplier. Or would you prefer an energy provider that mainly supplies green energy? If you care for the environment it is something to look at. PartnerPete can help you pick the right energy provider, free of charge!

Dutch Energy Market

The energy market in the Netherlands has been privatised, which means that you can choose your own energy supplier. This opened a new market with strong competition. Tariffs, conditions, and customer service may vary depending on the energy supplier. PartnerPete only works with providers that suit expat needs best. We select on flexible contracts, fast delivery times and sharp deals.

3-year contract

3 years fixed tariff

100% green energy

Choice of duration of contract

Fixed or variable tariff

100% green electricity

Variable contract & tariff

Locally generated in the Netherlands

100% green electricity & 100% green gas

PartnerPete will help you with Dutch Energy

Do you require some assistance with energy in the Netherlands and don’t want to compare all different options? PartnerPete helps you to get the best energy deals. As an Expat Expert, PartnerPete knows what’s important to you. Our key benefits:

English customer service
Flexible contracts
Competitive prices
No hidden costs

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