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SmartWares FGA-13010 RM386 – Reliable Carbon Monoxide Detector for Home Safety

The SmartWares FGA-13010 RM386 carbon monoxide detector is your essential device for alerting to high levels of carbon monoxide. With a loud 85 dB alarm and a long 10-year sensor life, this detector offers easy installation and dependable protection.

  • Carbon monoxide detector
  • SmartWares FGA-13010
  • Home safety
  • CO poisoning prevention
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About this product

Create a safer home environment with the SmartWares FGA-13010 RM386 carbon monoxide detector. This discreet device can be lifesaving, as carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas that can lead to serious poisoning symptoms and even death. The RM386 detector features a powerful 85 dB alarm to ensure your family is warned in time when CO levels are too high. Easily placed near combustion devices, this detector is ideal for homes, apartments, as well as for boats and caravans.

With a sensor life of 10 years, you won’t need to worry about frequent replacements, and the test button and low battery indicator make maintenance effortless. This detector is suitable for a wide range of spaces, from kitchens to bedrooms. For optimal performance, the detector should be installed at least 1 to 3 meters away from combustion appliances and at breathing height in rooms without such appliances. Regular cleaning and testing ensure your detector is always ready for action when necessary.

Hanging is a piece of cake with a few screws. The detector must be mounted high and at least 1 to 3 meters from combustion appliances to function optimally. In rooms without combustion devices, such as the bedroom or living room, it is recommended to place the CO detector at breathing height.

Maintenance and testing
The operation of a carbon monoxide detector can be reduced by dust and dirt. It is therefore important to clean your detector monthly with a slightly damp cloth and every six months with a vacuum cleaner. However, never use cleaning products or paint the alarm. It is also recommended to test the detector monthly to ensure that it functions properly.