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Smartwares Carbon Monoxide Detector

  • Always be warned in time in case of too much carbon monoxide thanks to the carbon monoxide detector
  • The 85 dB alarm goes off when the carbon monoxide concentration is too high
  • Easy to place near combustion appliances with a few screws
  • Can be used with central heating boilers, fireplaces, boilers, kitchens or other areas
  • Simply test the detector by pressing the test button


About this product

A safe home with the Smartwares RM386 Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a dangerous gas that you cannot smell and is therefore very insidious. Carbon monoxide can be released if, for example, a stove, central heating boiler, geyser or chimney is not properly maintained. If the concentration of carbon monoxide is detected to be too high, this detector will let off a loud signal which will keep you safe.

The carbon monoxide detector is battery operated (included). If the batteries are about to run out, the detector automatically gives a replacement signal.

Hanging is a piece of cake with a few screws. The detector must be mounted high and at least 1 to 3 meters from combustion appliances to function optimally. In rooms without combustion devices, such as the bedroom or living room, it is recommended to place the CO detector at breathing height.

Maintenance and testing
The operation of a carbon monoxide detector can be reduced by dust and dirt. It is therefore important to clean your detector monthly with a slightly damp cloth and every six months with a vacuum cleaner. However, never use cleaning products or paint the alarm. It is also recommended to test the detector monthly to ensure that it functions properly.