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Maiska First Aid Box

  • Sufficient content
  • High Quality
  • incl. wall holder
  • Easy to hang


About this product

Handy first aid kit for at home or at work

The Maiska first aid kit is suitable for individuals and companies. A first-aid kit with essential contents that you need for both minor and major accidents. Handy for at home and a must-have for any organization.

First aid kit contents:

3 Gauze compress 7.5×7.5
3 Elastic fixation bandage 4×6
1 Triangular cloth Non Woven
1 adhesive plaster 5m x 2.5cm
1 Assortment plaster bandage pack
1 Gauze plaster textile package
1 Bandage Scissors
6 Latex gloves
1 Rescue Blanket
1 Pack of alcohol wipes 10 pcs.
1 Drawing pen
1 Pair of linen gloves
1 Crepe bandage 7.5cm x 4.5m