Tonzon HR Radiator Foil – Energy Saving Insulation

The Tonzon HR Radiator Foil is a thin, reflective layer designed to be applied directly behind radiators, reflecting heat back into the room and minimizing loss through walls. This cost-effective solution can save up to 10% on heating expenses.

  • Radiator foil
  • Heat loss prevention
  • Energy saving
  • Heating efficiency
  • Tonzon HR Radiator Foil
  • Sustainable living
  • Home insulation


About this product

Tonzon HR Radiator Foil offers an effective way to prevent heat loss from radiators. Directly attached to the back of the radiator and invisible once installed, it doesn’t detract from your home decor. The foil can be easily applied using the included double-sided tape or optional super magnets, ensuring a secure fit for any radiator type. Not only does it enhance the efficiency of your heating, but it also contributes to environmental conservation by reducing energy consumption. Suitable for all radiator designs, whether located by windows or in convector pits, Tonzon HR Radiator Foil is an excellent, sustainable gift for yourself or others. Discover the simple installation process in our manual and start saving on your heating bills today. Visit our webshop for detailed product information and to place your order.