Mobile Sim Card in the Netherlands

Flexible Contracts, Mobile Internet Included

PartnerPete teamed up with the best mobile suppliers to offer you a reliable connection for a competitive price. We help you find a suitable mobile provider that matches your needs. The best part: our service is entirely free of charge! No hidden costs, no hassle, and sharp deals. 

  • English customer service
  • Flexible contracts, no penalties
  • Our service is free of charge
  • Utilities arranged within 3 days

Mobile Sim Only Possibilities

Whether you are looking for flexibility, big mobile data bundles or unlimited calling in and to European countries. We have an offer to match. Compare and choose the mobile sim only provider that suits you.

Most popular


Starting at

€ 14
  • Unlimited calling optional
  • Up to 100 GB 4G+ internet (EU)
  • 1 or 2 year contract
  • Calling to and from EU countries
  • Optional: free usage in US and Canada
  • Delivered within 24 hours
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Starting at

€ 11,50
  • Unlimited calling optional
  • Up to 20 GB 4G internet (EU)
  • 1 or 2 year contract
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Dutch sim card for Roaming

Roaming is the use of your mobile device outside the range of its home network, usually in a foreign country. Due to European Union laws, all Dutch mobile contracts can be used in any EU country without paying any additional roaming charges. This means that you can call, text or browse the internet in every EU country at no additional cost. The minutes and MB's will be deducted from your regular mobile sim only bundle. 

More for less

If you choose to combine one of our mobile sim only packages with Internet, we will reward you with free extras. These freebies include additional TV channels, double data on mobile, and an extra € 5 discount on your monthly invoice. All you have to do is register the products on the same address and pick the same internet provider for mobile and home internet. 

PartnerPete helps you with your Dutch SIM Card

We know what’s important when moving to another country. We help over 15.000 expats annually to get the best mobile sim only deals. Our key benefits on our mobile sim only offers: 

  • Flexible contracts
  • English customer service
  • Data bundles you can use in the EU
  • No hidden costs, no hassle

Mobile SIM in The Netherlands