Green and sustainable

Powerpeers is a sustainable driven energy company. Powerpeers is an intermediary for people and parties who generate their own electricity and people who would like to know where their electricity comes from. They provide 100% renewable electricity and 100% sustainable gas, locally generated in the Netherlands.

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  • Flexible contracts, no penalties
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Why Powerpeers?

Powerpeers is a community-based platform for 100% sustainable energy, which enables you to:

  • Select your personal sustainable energy mix (Wind, Water and Sun - all generated locally, in the Netherlands)
  • Choose yourself from which energy sources you want to receive your electricity
  • Share your unused electricity with other Powerpeers customers (in case of solar panels)

Powerpeers is a leader in bringing the sharing economy to the energy market. The platform enables households to select electricity from specific sources, and share self-generated electricity with other peers within the community. In addition to this, they also offer the most renewable natural gas option in the market: 100% sustainable gas.

Greenest power supplier

Powerpeers has received a 10 from the Consumers Association for sustainability. This means that Powerpeers has been named the greenest electricity supplier. They are working on a sustainable future with 100% green, local and traceable energy.

Join the community of renewable energy users now.

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Powerpeers Product Offer

Choose Powerpeers if you want the greenest energy supplier. You can apply for a variable contract with 100% natural gas and/or electricity.

DELTA 3 Years

  • Variable contract & tariff
  • Locally generated in the Netherlands
  • 100% renewable gas and/or electricity
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Benefits PartnerPete and Powerpeers

PartnerPete has developed an exclusive partnership with Powerpeers for expats moving to or living in the Netherlands. As an expert in expat services, we know what's important to you. That's why our key benefits include:

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  • English PartnerPete customer service
  • All your home utilities in 1 place
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