Water Suppliers in the Netherlands

Connecting Water

Moving to or changing home in the Netherlands? PartnerPete helps you to find the right water supplier for your home. If needed, we can get you connected within 24 hours. The best part? Our service is entirely free of charge. No hidden costs, no hassle!

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Water Companies

Ten drinking water companies in the Netherlands produce and distribute water. Unlike energy, the Dutch water market is not privatised: you cannot choose your water supplier. Where you live will determine what company will supply you with water.

Drinking tap water

In the Netherlands, on average a person consumes 119 liters of water per day, of which only one liter is used to drink. Dutch tap water is among the safest to drink in the world; it is checked by a laboratory on a daily basis by the water suppliers. No chlorine or fluoride is added, so the water also tastes great. The quality is equal to bottled water, in some cases even better.

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