The World’s Most Sustainable Telecom Company

KPN provides internet, television, and mobile connections in the Netherlands and is recognized to be the world’s most sustainable telecom company. KPN plays a meaningful role in sustainability, innovation, security and connecting the Netherlands.

  • English customer service
  • Flexible contracts, no penalties
  • Our service is free of charge
  • Utilities arranged within 3 days

Why KPN?

KPN believes that technology is the answer to the questions of today and tomorrow. It’s KPN goal to make life freer, easier and more fun by connecting people all over the world. At KPN they believe in reliable, future-proof, and secure networks and services, while at the same time creating a more prosperous and cleaner world. With over more than 130 years of experience, KPN is the longest existing telecom provider in the Netherlands.

Services of KPN

KPN offers several services such as internettelevision, as well as mobile and home telephony. Depending on your needs you can choose different bundles and extras such as international sports channels, Spotify, and unlimited calling in the EU, United States and Canada. When you need help setting up your internet and television connection, PartnerPete and KPN can provide you with a free technician. 

KPN Products

PartnerPete and KPN offer various telecom products such as internet and television. The subscriptions are modular, which means you can create your own contract. Let us make you a tailor-made offer, depending on your needs. Apply now, and we will call you back to discuss the possibilities.

KPN Internet & TV

Starting at

€ 52,50
Fast internet up to 200 Mbit/s
  • Mix and Match subscription
  • Up to 500 Mbit/s 
  • Flexible contracts available
  • Optional: 65+ TV channels (40 HD)
  • Optional: Entertainment such as Netflix or Spotify
  • Free Wi-Fi modem
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KPN Mobile

Starting at

€ 17,50
  • Up to 20 GB 4G+ internet (EU)
  • Unlimited calling optional
  • Unlimited data optional
  • Flexible or fixed contract
  • Delivered within 24 hours
  • Calling to and from EU countries
    included in your contract
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benefits kpn and partnerpete

Benefits PartnerPete and KPN

We have a unique partnership with KPN and are therefore able to get you up and running as soon as possible. PartnerPete knows what’s important to you. As an expat expert, our key benefits include:

  • We help you quickly, efficient and in English. 
  • Our services are free of charge
  • We make sure you get the best deals 
  • No hassle, no hidden costs.