Switch to Odido, the new provider for Sim-Only in The Netherlands

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Achieve Substantial Savings with ODIDO

Right now, transitioning to ODIDO could unlock the most significant savings. Over the years, and continuing into 2021, ODIDO has maintained its pricing, only adjusting for inflation, a move not commonly observed among its competitors. Based on the selected plan, customers could see their savings soar up to €390 annually.

Consider making the switch to bundled internet and TV services, or select an Internet Only or Sim Only plan from ODIDO. At PartnerPete, we’re committed to ensuring a seamless switch, guaranteeing you’re never left without your essential services like internet, TV, or phone. Curious about how much you could save?

Discover ODIDO: Your Gateway to Effortless Connectivity in the Netherlands

Welcome to the Netherlands! As an expat, embarking on the journey of setting up a new life in a beautiful, yet unfamiliar country comes with its set of exciting challenges. At PartnerPete, we understand the unique needs of international newcomers, especially when it comes to essential services like mobile communication. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce you to ODIDO – the provider tailored to your dynamic lifestyle, focusing solely on Sim Only plans.

Benefits PartnerPete

We are an expert in expat utilities. Every year we help over 15.000 expats to get the best deals on their home connections such as internet, television and Sim Only. Whether you are moving to the Netherlands or living already here: we make sure you get the best deals. Our offer includes:

Monthly contract option
English customer service
Fast delivery
No hidden costs, no hassle