International Car Insurance

Global coverage that keeps you on the road

If you plan to drive abroad, a reliable car insurance is essential. In partnership with PartnerPete, Clements Worldwide offers car insurances for all expats in the Netherlands. Clements’ car insurance program provides collision, theft, and liability coverage to keep you moving in the right direction. 

  • English customer service
  • Flexible contracts, no penalties
  • Our service is free of charge
  • Utilities arranged within 3 days
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Car Insurance at PartnerPete

PartnerPete knows what is important for professionals living and working outside home territory. We teamed up with Clements Worldwide because of their outstanding customer service and extensive experience with ensuring the expatriate community. Our service is entirely free of charge and takes just one phone call or online form to start. In case of car damage, collision or theft, Clements English customer support will help you adequately to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

About Clements Worldwide

Clements Worldwide has been dedicated to delivering superior international car insurance to expats worldwide, for over 70 years. Generally, expatriates must purchase third party liability in the local country per local legal requirements. Due to the low coverage of these required policies, it is recommended that expats buy additional global excess liability insurance. Clements Worldwide offers physical damage insurance and supplemental excess liability insurance to make sure your coverage is sufficient

Benefits and Features

Clements’ vehicle insurance claims are handled in-house with a commitment to efficient and quick processing and outstanding customer care. The physical damage policy includes the following benefits and features:

  • Protection against collision, theft, and damage
  • Political violence coverage
  • Accident forgiveness, your rate stays the same even after your first accident. 
  • Home country rental car expense reimbursement
  • Fast & efficient claim processing
Benefits and Features PartnerPete