Every energy supplier uses your meter readings to calculate how much energy you have used. If you have a smart meter, they will automatically receive your meter readings. If you still have an old analog meter, you will be asked three times if you want to report your meter readings. We would like to explain when and why.

With a smart meter, you don’t have to do anything!

With a smart meter, your meter readings will automatically be reported. This is how it works: if you have just received a smart meter, your energy supplier will ask you for permission once to remotely read your meter readings. After your permission, your network operator will automatically send your meter readings to your energy company every day. With a regular meter, you have to report your meter readings yourself to your energy company.

With an analog meter, you have to report it yourself When making your annual billing, your supplier will automatically contact you with a personal link or your own reading number. Use this number when reporting your annual meter readings online so they are sure it is about your meter readings. If your supplier does not receive your meter readings, they will estimate your consumption.

It is important to check the meter readings on your annual bill when you start with a new supplier. When moving, your energy company will ask for the meter readings of both the new and the old address. The readings of the old address will be used for the final bill and the readings of the new address as the starting readings for the new address.

Report meter readings when there is a change in tariffs When there is a change in your energy tariff, energy suppliers will estimate your meter readings if they do not receive them. If you want to prevent them from estimating your meter reading, please provide your current meter reading on the day before the start date via your supplier’s website or app. For example, if your rate change takes effect on January 1st, report your meter readings no later than December 31st.

Please note that they will not immediately take over the readings, but will calculate them more accurately.