There is a lot to consider when moving. We can help you with this!

People often forget to (properly) arrange certain important matters during and after moving.

Think about:

  • Control gas, water and light; Notify your energy supplier of your new address or conclude a new contract at more favorable rates – arranged, because that’s what you’ve got!???? We help you with all the necessary utilities at your new address.
  • Report a change of address to important authorities such as the tax authorities, the bank, your employer and your insurance companies
  • Arrange your registration with the new municipality
  • Change the address of your microchipped pet. Then you will be quickly reunited with your missing dog or cat!

If you arrange these ‘basic matters’ around your move, you have come a long way. However, this can be done faster and smarter (see tip 2)! In addition, we would like to add a number of useful (saving) tips. Check them out below.

5 additional tips:

Tip 1: Compare quotes of moving companies

With ScanMovers you can easily compare quotes of moving companies. After finishing your comparing you can book your best possible move.

  • Quick, free of charge and without obligation
  • Within 2 hours you will get an overview of the best moving deals
  • Transparent, independent and reliable
  • The selected budget and recognized movers are carefully screened for quality and service
  • Personal – you can contact your independent consultant for all your questions

Start to compare or read more here!

Tip 2: Take a good look at your (home) insurance policies

You have moved, so it is likely that you are under- or over-insured. Adjust your insurance policies accordingly so that you are not faced with (financial) surprises.

Would you like someone who thinks along with you for free and without obligation? Click here for advice on all types of insurance.

Tip 3: Replace your locks sustainably, cheaply and easily

You have bought a house, but the locks are still the same as with the previous owner. This makes many people feel unsafe. Buying new locks is bad for the environment and expensive. With Keycycle you replace your locks and at the same time you take care of the environment and your wallet. They think it’s a shame to buy new ones and throw away your old ones. And we agree with that!

Change all the locks in your house for only €45. Use discount code ‘PartnerPete’ now and receive a €5 discount

Arrange directly here or read here exactly how it works.