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DELTA is a Dutch energy supplier from Zeeland, that delivers renewable energy. The unique thing about DELTA is that you can choose how your power is generated. Let PartnerPete call you back to get a tailormade offer.

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DELTA is an energy supplier that delivers energy that is generated in Zeeland from wind, water, and sun as an energy source. Do you want to support the production of local energy? At DELTA, you can choose how your energy is produced. Besides local energy, there are more reasons to select DELTA:

  • 100% green energy 
  • Manage and have insights into your energy consumption with the Delta Insight device
  • DELTA helps with the purchase or rent of boilers for your home
why delta?

Locally produced renewable energy

DELTA is very transparent about the origin of their energy. The packages are straightforward and you know what you will get. The green energy that is produced in Zeeland, the Netherlands comes from the sun, water, and wind. The Oosterscheldekring, a large flood defense system, is one of the places where energy is generated with the help of hydropower. DELTA is always looking for new ways to generate energy such as by processing chicken manure (biomass). 

Convinced? Our tariffs vary based on your usage, discounts and the duration of your contract, so we recommend you apply for a tailormade offer below.

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DELTA Product Offer

Do you want DELTA as your energy supplier? Since tariffs vary based on your usage, discounts and the duration of your contract, we recommend you apply for a gas and electricity quote below.

DELTA 3 Years

  • 3-year contract
  • 3 years fixed tariff
  • 100% green energy
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Benefits PartnerPete and DELTA

PartnerPete has developed an exclusive partnership with DELTA for expats moving to or living in the Netherlands. As an expert in expat services, we know what's important to you. That's why our key benefits include:

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