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Complaints procedure

Partner Pete has drawn up a complaints procedure for the proper handling of complaints. A standard electronic complaint form is used that can be filled in by the complainant. Announcements will usually be made by Partner Pete by telephone or e-mail.

We are happy to deal with complaints directly with our clients, especially if they can be resolved quickly and satisfactorily (for example by telephone). In other cases, an electronic recording of the complaint must be made.

Electronic complaints are recorded via the standard complaint form with the date of receipt. A similar electronic note is made of complaints made by telephone that cannot be resolved immediately. In the note, the following is noted in addition to the date of the call:

  • the name and contact details (e-mail address and / or telephone number) of the caller;
  • the name of the company, if any;
  • the name of the recipient;
  • a description of the complaint;
  • a description of other relevant comments and agreements

If the complaint form is written in a foreign language and a translation is required for a proper handling of the complaint, the complainant must arrange for a translation.

Definition of complaint

A complaint within the meaning of this regulation is any electronically recorded and stated expression of dissatisfaction of a complainant with regard to treatment, treatment or performance of services by a person working at Partner Pete, who is experienced as incorrect.

Confirmation of receipt

Within a maximum of fourteen days after receipt of the complaint, Partner Pete sends the complainant a digital acknowledgment of receipt. This message states whether the complaint is admissible for processing. The acknowledgment of receipt contains, in the event that the complainant can be received in his complaint, at least the following information:

  • the date on which the complaint was received;
  • the period within which the complaint will be processed;
  • the name and telephone number of the person handling the complaint;
  • the reference to the website with the link to the complaints procedure.

No obligation to handle complaints

  • Partner Pete is not obliged to handle a complaint if:
  • it relates to conduct that has previously been the subject of a complaint that has been dealt with;
  • which took place more than half a year before the submission of the complaint;
  • the interest of the complainant or the weight of the conduct is apparently insufficient; or

the complaint is about the content, the motivation, the method of coming about or the absence of a decision of a Disputes Committee and / or external complaints committee including the decisions of a procedural nature taken in that context.

Partner Pete will inform the complainant about not handling a complaint as soon as possible, at the latest within four weeks after receiving the description of the complaint.


Partner Pete may request further information from the complainant or third parties to assess and / or settle the complaint. In each phase of the complaint handling, Partner Pete can check whether the complainant can be satisfied by informally handling his complaint. As soon as Partner Pete satisfies the complainant's complaint, the obligation to continue applying this regulation will lapse.

Lead time

In the case of a less complicated complaint, in which no extensive investigation is required and, among other things, no external persons have to be involved, a response within a few days is appropriate. The aim is to call the complainant within 48 hours. Partner Pete responds to other complaints one of the following decisions within four weeks of receiving a complaint:

  1. the complaint is unfounded;
  2. the complaint is fully or partially justified.

The decision handler and the consequences thereof are motivated by the complaint handler and communicated electronically or by telephone to the complainant. If a complaint cannot be handled within four weeks, the complaint handler will inform the complainant of this, stating the reasons within which the complaint will be handled. The complaint handler will then inform the complainant within this specified period about the way in which the complaint will be dealt with.

Closing a complaint

A complaint is closed if the complainant withdraws the complaint, after it appears from consultation with the complainant that the complainant no longer needs any further handling of the complaint, or Partner Pete has handled the complaint and follow-up has been given to the decision and the consequences thereof. The complainant will be informed of the non-handling of a complaint, stating the reasons.

Internal information and archiving

After handling the complaint, Partner Pete retains the original complaint form and a copy of the electronic termination notice for a period of seven years. Other documents are destroyed. An overview is also kept of all complaints received.

Date of entry into force and publication

This regulation comes into effect on October 1, 2019 and can be cited as "Complaints Procedure Partner Pete".

This complaints procedure is published on the website of Partner Pete and can be offered to you electronically after you have requested this by telephone via +31 (0) 85 - 0477 927 or by e-mail

Complaint Form

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