Win one year free of energy cost with a value of €1.500

Put all your contracts in one clear overview and see the duration of your contracts, your monthly costs and possibilities to save immediately.

5 steps to win 1 year free of energy cost 

  1. login or make an account;
  2. Fill in your monthly expenses; 
  3. Fill in you monthly income;
  4. Send a message to our customer service that you did step 1,2 and 3;
  5. On 15 of May we let you know who the winner is

Find out where you can save immediately

The overview shows all your monthly charges together but gives you also the possibility to see where you can save immediately.

Stay up to date about your expiring contracts

PartnerPete keeps track of expiring contracts so you can take advantage of promotions that give you even more benefits. 

Benefits of PartnerPete

  • Free digital overview of all your contracts
  • Always personal advice
  • Engelstalige klantensercive
  • Alles op 1 plek
  • Geen verborgen kosten

Start saving now!

PartnerPete offers a lot of promotions at the moment. They will help you to save on fixed costs, such as energy, telecom and mobile. Take a look at your account, arrange it yourself and start saving today.

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