Moving abroad for work can mean a lot of upheavals, especially if you are moving with a partner, kids and/or pets. Instead of thinking about your international career and the new challenges you will be facing, you have to spend time worrying about other things instead. Finding a place to live, arranging a school for your kids, organizing your home utilities for instance. With these 7 tips, you can make your move to the Netherlands less stressful which gives you time to actually enjoy this new adventure you’re on!

1. Make a Checklist

There are so many things to remember when moving abroad. Make a checklist to help you keep track and make you feel more in control. It doesn’t have to be set in stone and remember; you can add or delete things as you go along. Work back from the expected moving date and write down what needs to be done on the day of the move, the week before, a month in advance, three months, and so on. Take into account that it takes time before you get a response, as banks or tax authorities won’t respond the next day. Remember the notice you need to give for housing, transfers for bank accounts, insurances, booking a removal company, etc.

2. Find a place to Stay

Maybe your company will help you by bringing in a relocation service, but if not, there are many companies in the Netherlands who specialize in helping expats and other international professionals find short or longer-term accommodation. Using an agency will save you time, as you can explain your search criteria (number of bedrooms, location, length of stay, furnished/unfurnished, etc.) and they can select a number of properties for you to view at a time that is convenient to you.

3. Open a Dutch bank account

Many companies in the Netherlands will only accept payments through Dutch bank accounts, so make sure you set one up in advance or as soon as you arrive. Once you have your account, check if you need to get insurance cover for your new home, your possessions, car insurance, or health insurance. We advise you to contact your company first, as the company might offer health insurance. As many insurance companies don’t offer English speaking service, and therefore might not understand your needs and wishes, PartnerPete is the perfect partner to assist you.  

4. Plan your Packing

Experienced home movers will know that there is an art to packing your boxes. Get boxes early (you can buy them from most removal companies) and start packing things that you don’t need straight away (clothes for other seasons, linens, books, etc.). Label boxes clearly, and if possible, write on each box where you want it in your new home, so your moving team can put stuff in the right rooms straight away. Keep one box apart with all the essentials such as a kettle, mugs, favorite toys, some pet food, and other emergency items. Either take care of this box yourself (and hold on for dear life) or make sure it is last in, and first out when moving.

5. Get Connected

Utilities are important. You will want hot water to shower in, heating, a working landline, and wi-fi! However, trying to sort all that out, especially in a foreign language, can be a bit of a nightmare.
Using a utility company can save you time and money and helps to overcome that language barrier at the same time. PartnerPete is a Dutch utility provider that will help you get your utilities, internet, and TV switched on efficiently and quickly, without charging you any more money than you would pay directly to the various providers.

6. Pay attention to your Pets

Moving home can be extremely stressful for pets, especially if it includes flights or long journeys. Speak to your vet in advance about your move, to find out if your pet needs a passport, microchip, or inoculations. Ask for a copy of their notes or medications if applicable, so you can hand these to a vet in the Netherlands.

7. Make sure no-one is Homesick

Moving to a foreign country can be quite strange, both for yourself as well as for your family, who have to adjust to new schools, make new friends and find their way around in a different language. Make sure you keep up your connections with home. Not only by Skyping with family and friends but think about the small details like your favorite TV shows from back home. Many internet and TV providers offer a wide range of international channels, so make sure you talk to PartnerPete about this when choosing the right provider for your services.

And last, but surely not least; 8. Make sure you have fun. Moving abroad brings its own set of challenges and can be stressful at times. Keep in mind that you’re on a great adventure and life can only get more exciting from here. Not everyone gets the opportunity to move abroad so make the best of it. Many years from now you will remember this exciting time and think of it fondly!

Good luck with your move abroad, and make sure you get in contact PartnerPete if you need any help with connecting your utilities in the Netherlands!