KPN Hussel Home

With Hussel Home you determine your internet speed yourself, you can also choose how many TVs you want to connect and which entertainment offer suits you best. You have the option to adjust your subscription whenever you want.

Safe and reliable WiFi throughout your house, for new and existing customers, as standard part of your internet connection

Internet 50Mbit/s

Internet 100Mbit/s

Internet 200Mbit/s

Internet 500Mbit/s

Price per month€42,50€47,50
Network promotion - 1 year
First six months 50% discount
First six months 50% discount
First six months 50% discount
First six months 50% discount
Network promotion for existing KPN mobile customers - 1 year
First six months 50% discount
First six months 50% discount
First six months 50% discount
First six months 50% discount
One-time activation costs *
Speed (Mbit/s)
Until 50/5
Until 100/10
Until 200/20
Until 500/50
Glass Fiber Speed (if available)
Until 50/50
Until 100/100
Until 200/200
Until 500/500
Modem with Wifi
KPN Wifi & FON
KPN Safe
2 devices
2 devices
5 devices
5 devices
1GB mailbox

For new KPN Home customers; Switchers from Telfort / XS4ALL do not pay any connection costs

Internet options
Can be canceled monthly no network action applies
KPN Safe (+3 apparaten)€4,99/month
Paper Invoice€2,50/month
Tech Desk€5,00/month
WiFi amplifier€5,00/month
Wireless connection set (1 TV)
Wireless connection set (2 TV's)

Interactieve TV
At KPN Hussel you choose how many TVs you want to connect to your home. You can always order or cancel extra receivers
Number of included TV receiversNoneInteractive TV with 1 TV receiver
Extra tv receiver
Price per month€0,00€10,00€5,00
Network promotion - 1 year
not applicable
not applicable
not applicable
Number of TV channels
not applicable
Number of TV channels in HD
not applicable
Pauze Live TVnot applicable
Missed startnot applicable
Missed (up to 7 days through the guide)
not applicable
More TVnot applicable
Access to Appnot applicable
Access to Youtube appnot applicable
Interactive TV appnot applicable
Recording packagenot applicable

Interactieve TV options
4K TV (Monthly termination after 6 months)€2,50/month
Extra Digitenne TV receiver
Digitenne Only | Connection costs € 25€17/month


Ziggo Sport Totaal€14,99/month
Hussel Entertainment benefit

If you have Hussel with Mobile and Home, you get extra benefits on an entertainment package.

Choose from: Spotify Premium, Spotify Family, Film 1, Fox Sports and Plus package. Spotify add-ons can be used and connected without having to purchase Interactive TV.

Duits Pakket€2,99/month
Turks Pakket€7,99/month
Hindi Pakket€14,99/month
Eroktiek Pakket€12,99/month
Spotify Premium€8,99/month
Spotify Family€13,99/month
Fox Sports€12,99/month
Plus Pakket€6,99/month

Landline calling
Landline phone number€2,00/month
UnlimitedCalling Netherlands€10,00/month
UnlimitedCalling Netherlands & international€15,00/month
Extra landline number (max 3 extra)

Hussel benefits 
Hussel Mobiel unlimited dataAvailable for customers who have KPN Internet at home
Hussel Mobiel Kids Sim
Available for customers who have KPN Mobile
Hussel Mobiel Discount
Every month you get a discount on every mobile subscription. This way you can save up to € 90 on every KPN Mobile subscription at your address every year
Hussel Entertainment benefits
If you have Hussel with Mobile and Home, you get extra benefits on an entertainment package. Choose from: Spotify Premium, Film 1, Fox Sport and Plus package.
Hussel Mutually Free CallingDo you have two mobile subscriptions or a KPN fixed telephone at one address? This allows you unlimited calls from each other.
Share MB'sDo you have MBs left from your mobile data bundle? Share your MBs via the MijnKPN app.

These benefits apply as long as you combine the right products. For more information, conditions and availability, visit

Connection costs
If the customer orders several Hussel products at the same time (Home + Mobile or Mobile + Mobiell), connection costs will only be charged once.
Duration 1 year
The Internet subscription runs for 1 year. Within that year you can adjust your subscription up and down monthly but you cannot cancel free of charge. After that, your subscription will automatically be converted into an indefinite subscription. The subscription can then be canceled per month.
Zipcode checkDo the zip code check to see which connection and which speed are available at the customer's address. Note: always be transparent about internet speed, communicate the expected internet speed to the customer's address.
Interactive TVInteractive TV is only available i.c.m. Internet from KPN and can be canceled monthly.
Charging call minutes
Advantageous calling to fixed and mobile numbers in the Netherlands for € 0.14 / min and a starting rate of € 0.14.
Transfer Service
Enter customer or contract number during the order process (
Free installation including WiFi check by technician for new customers
Method of payment
The monthly subscription costs are collected by direct debit.
TV Receivers
Free on loan
Cancel order
You can cancel your order within 14 days. This period starts from the moment that you have received your official confirmation.