FAQ for partners

How do I become a partner of Partner Pete?

Through the website of Partner Pete you can apply for a partnership. Partner Pete will contact you to verify all the data. When your partner account is activated, you can start with your first orders. It is also possible to contact Partner Pete per phone or email when you are interested in a partnership. The back office will help you with setting up a partner account and will activate it immediately so you could start placing orders right away.

I places an order for a client with Partner Pete. What happens next?

When you placed an order with Partner Pete, the utilities of the client will be arranged within 24 hours. When Partner Pete applied for an utility, you and your client will receive an English confirmation email.

Hereafter, the client will receive a welcome letter with some more information and a contract confirmation from the specific suppliers. When you also applied for a Ziggo media package, this will be delivered in 3 to 5 days at the client’s house. The client can try to connect the package or Partner Pete can arrange a free appointment with a Ziggo technician who can help the client with the installation.

Your client is now connected to all the services and does not have to do anything anymore. In case your client has some questions about the utilities, you can forward them to Partner Pete. We are happy to help your client.

How fast will the utilities of the client be arranged?

Partner Pete will apply for the utilities within 24 hours. The contracts for energy as well as for water will be processed the day after the application. When also a Ziggo media package is ordered, it will be delivered within 3 to 5 days at the client’s house. The client can connect the package of Partner Pete can arrange an appointment with a technician who helps the client with the installation for free. When Ziggo is not possible at the address of the client, a KPN package will be ordered. The delivery time of this package is between three and four weeks.

The client does not have a Dutch IBAN number yet. What now?

This is not a problem! Partner Pete can apply for the gas/water/electricity connection on invoice. For the internet/television/phone connection a valid SEPA IBAN number is required. So, it is not necessary to have a Dutch IBAN number. When the client does not have a SEPA IBAN number, it is not possible to apply for an internet/television/phone connection. The application needs to wait until the client received a Dutch IBAN number.

Why do I need a SEPA IBAN number for the application of internet/television/phone?

To apply for an internet/television/phone connection for the client we need a SEPA IBAN number. All internet providers of the Netherlands need an IBAN number for the automatic debit of the monthly payments. It is not possible to pay the monthly costs per invoice. However, in case of gas/water/electricity it is possible to pay the monthly payment per invoice. For the application of these utilities nog IBAN number is necessary.

Can I change an order when I already placed it with Partner Pete?

When you placed an order with Partner Pete it is not possible to change the order. In case you want to change something, please contact our back office. The back office can adjust the order.

Why does Partner Pete only work together with a certain numbers of providers?

Partner Pete works together with a selection of providers which suit our expat clients the best. This eliminates some providers. Pete selects on flexible contracts (where possible), sharp rates, fast delivery time, no Dutch phone menu’s and so on.

I do not have the meter readings yet. Could I still already place an order with Partner Pete?

It is possible to place an order with Partner Pete without meter readings. You can place the order the regular way without the meter readings. When you received the meter readings you can contact the back office of Partner Pete and pass along the meter readings.

I want to apply for an address on a vacancy rate. Is this possible?

It is possible to apply for a vacancy contract through Partner Pete for an address which will be temporary empty. When you want to apply for such contracts you can leave a note about it in de comment area at the end of the order form on the website. Partner Pete makes sure all contracts will be with vacancy rates.